Catholic Gov. to Sign IL Civil Unions Law

Lest anyone is tempted to think all is well politically in America, look no further than Illinois.  In a shameless rushed lame-duck maneuver, the Illinois legislature rammed through a new law approving so called “civil unions” yesterday.  Even worse, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Catholic, helped strong arm legislators into passing the bill, and now intends to sign it. Newly instal... More

Republicans Join Democrats to Betray Illinois Students

You’re asking, aren’t school vouchers a Republican/conservative/libertarian core belief? You’d expect Democrats to kill it — and certainly many did their part — but why would Republicans join in execution? The usual explanation is tempting. Leading the House GOP opposition was one Rep. Roger Eddy, a double dipper from downstate Hutsonville. According to a Family Taxp... More


Vouchers Could Come Up for Vote Today in Illinois House

Senate Bill 2494 could come up for a full vote in the Illinois House as soon as today.  SB 2494 provides for a limited voucher for students at under-performing public school students to use at the private school of their choice.  It does not reduce funding for public schools, and is fully supported by the Archdiocese of Chicago and Superintendent Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, OP. . Here are a few Dem... More


Support Education Illinois. Tell the Republicans to Back Individual Choice and Vouchers

From the Illinois Review The Illinois House of Representatives is considering a key vote right now. Senate Bill 2494 would save thousands of children from Chicago’s worst schools by giving them a voucher allowing them to attend the school of their choice. This program has been successful in other states, and it won’t cost downstate or suburban schools any money. After years of your tax dollar... More




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