No Christmas without Advent

Advent is not really understood today. Some Christians don’t even know why we have Advent wreaths. So often in our consumer society, Advent is totally forgotten. We should remember that there is no true Christmas without Advent. In fact, the word Advent means coming or arrival. We anticipate the coming of the Christ child, and this is what prepares us for Christmas–the longing for the ... More

God Bless the Brewers of the World: The Feast of St. Boniface

One of the most surprising things of my adult life has been to meet Christians who don’t drink alcohol.  Such a position, frankly, boggles my mind.  Indeed, “boggling” might be inaccurate, as I’m not even sure my mind can get to the stage of being boggled about this topic.  It’s just so remote from my understanding of the world, such a view just bounces right off o... More



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