Top 10 Reasons Why God Let Tim Tebow Lose

flickr, Stefan Ralle “If God doesn’t let a sparrow fall without his knowing it, do you think he pays no attention as Tim Tebow’s passes fall?” So said Benedictine College’s Vaughn Kohler, former Baptist minister and new Catholic commentator, at work last week. He was joking, but of course he has a point. After the nation watched “God’s Quarterback” stumble in the playoffs against... More

Praise the Mutilated World, For Which God Died.

Sometimes a poem comes along that sticks in your head and you find yourself occasionally recalling, if not its exact words, at least the effect it had on you. Adam Zagajewski’s “Try to Praise the Mutilated World” is like that for me, and Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion is why. The poem: Try to praise the mutilated world. Remember June’s long days, and wild strawberr... More



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