Nike ad channels JPII: Be great. Just Do It!

Compare: “Don’t ever settle for anything less than the spiritual and moral greatness the grace of God makes possible in your life. You’ll fail; we all do. But that’s no reason to lower the bar of expectation. Get up, dust yourself off, seek forgiveness and reconciliation, and then keep trying. But don’t ever settle for being less than noble human being – the leader and exemplar ‐... More

This Here Is a Prayer for Today

O Mother, strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in the laity, so that in every field of social, professional, cultural and political life they may act in accordance with the truth and the law brought by your Son to mankind, in order to lead everyone to eternal salvation and, at the same time, to make life on earth more human, more worthy of man. Thank you, Blessed John Paul II, praying ... More

Reader: Rubio urges right to cool down on immigration, Public sours on Occupy Wall Street, Geron stops trials on embryos

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. On immigration, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, urges conservatives to tone down harsh rhetoric. As Obamacare heads to the Supreme Court, more Americans favor full repeal than those who favor keeping it in place. Not quite at 99%. Only 33% of Americans say they are supportive o... More

Papal Resignation? After example of JPII? Hard to imagine.

The Italians love their sensationalism. Especially in journalism, where what is reported may or may not have a basis in anything beyond the journalist’s imagination. I mean, come now: reality is something to be shaped through innuendo and suggestion rather than observed and recounted dispassionately, no? Isn’t that the modus operandi of “unnamed sources,” and “insider... More

JPII: Man without a chest? Or Ghost of Christmas present?

Picking on minimalist modern art is usually an unfair game. This case is no exception, but given the subject and the location of the offending piece, this one cries out for comment. I really can’t find anything to like in the statue of Blessed John Paul II just unveiled in front of the Termini train station in Rome. I suppose I can appreciate what the author wants to do with the cape sweepi... More

At World Youth Day, Cardinal Varela Greets the Benedict XVI Generation

As you probably know, World Youth Day is taking place now in Madrid, Spain. Cardinal Rouco Varela greeted the young pilgrims by acknowledging that many of them would more aptly be described as the Benedict XVI generation than the John Paul II generation: “You are the Benedict XVI generation, which is not the same as John Paul II generation” Cardinal Rouco Varela said. Quoting from the Po... More

Kevorkian, Hunter Thompson, and Hitler, versus Brad Fallon, Rafael Peralta, and John Paul II. Life Worth Living.

Of course the point he and his supporters would make is that people ought to have the choice of how and when they die if they believe their life is no longer worth living, but there is still an irony to the news that Dr. Jack Kevorkian died a natural death “after a short illness.” Death came for Dr. Death without asking permission. Kevorkian probably didn’t mind. After all, just ... More

Good Morning. Rome Is On the Line. It’s for You. Beato Calls!

This morning in Rome, during the Divine Mercy/John Paul II beatification Mass, Pope Benedict XVI said: What the newly-elected Pope asked of everyone, he was himself the first to do: society, culture, political and economic systems he opened up to Christ, turning back with the strength of a titan – a strength which came to him from God – a tide which appeared irreversible. By his witness of fa... More

Dignity, Strength, and Love Through Suffering: A Sign of Contradiction

Unable to speak, John Paul II blesses us all one final time. I can’t shake the memories of seeing him at his apartment window, unable to speak. He had addressed his beloved flock so many thousands of times from that very window. One of the largest crowds ever had gathered outside, praying for him. But he was unable to utter even a few words of welcome. All he could do was raise an unsteady h... More



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