An Opportunity for the JPII Generation to Say “Thank You”

Josh gave me the privilege of posting this wonderful initiative by the Knights of Columbus. As someone who was born eight years into his pontificate, I clearly owe JP2 a great debt of gratitude – I hope to submit a letter: Knights of Columbus to bring letters in gratitude for Pope John Paul II to May 1 beatification With the beatification of John Paul II sc... More


Refresher: 9 reasons John Paul II Mattered

I think this post goes hand-in-hand with my previous post, where I respond to Michael Kinsley’s attempt to maligne John Paul II. Dan Gilgoff’s 9 reasons Pope John Paul II Mattered (he expands on each of these at some length): 1. John Paul II turned the role of pontiff into global celebrity. 2. He made people rethink the Catholic Church. 3. He left Rome. 4. He helped end Communism. 5. ... More


Not anti-Communism, pro-Christianity.

After the film, Newt and Callista signed books and DVD jackets. Just saw the new film hosted and co-produced by Newt and Callista Gingrich, Nine Days That Changed the World, a documentary centered on the nine-day pilgrimage Pope John Paul II made to Poland in June 1979. They were here on campus at Franciscan University of Steubenville for a screening (full disclosure: I work for Franciscan Univers... More

Pragmatically Pro-Life

Last night’s victory by Senator-elect Scott Brown (R) of Massachusetts showed the pragmatism of the pro-life movement. It is well known that Senator-elect Brown is not pro-life. However, he does at least support a ban on taxpayer funded abortions. In this case, the pro-life movement has backed the lesser of two evils. They have elected a man who has the ability to block a vote on a health ca... More



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