RE: In Defense of John Roberts

My personal reactions to the Supreme Court decision yesterday have varied, but wherever I find myself at any given moment, I mainly still agree with what Carson Holloway said so well in his post “In Defense of John Roberts,” indeed it is mostly what I would have wanted to have said. I particularly liked this line: But if you think the mandate is just so obviously beyond the scope of the taxing... More

Is The Mandate Really a Tax?

The majority decision of the Supreme Court today says that it is. Chief Justice Roberts agrees, saying, “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness”. But there’s a big problem with that interpretation. The Obama administration claimed that the mandate penalty was not a tax. The legislation is written in a ... More

There is no right to protest at a funeral

The Supreme Court made a foolish decision today, ruling 8-1 that hateful protesters have a right to protest at military funerals. The protesters hail from the Westboro Baptist Church, a name that is only 33% accurate. At issue is whether these so-called Christians can protest military funerals with signs like “God hates fags” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”  Writing for... More



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