There Is No Pope

There is no pope. There is no pope. There is no pope. The phrase didn’t occur to me as the bell of St. Benedict’s Abbey  tolled over and over again for 10 minutes starting at 1:00 pm (8:00 pm in Rome) to mark the resignation of the Pope. The phrase occurred to me when the bell stopped tolling and the Abbey grew silent. St. Benedict’s Abbey tolled its bells as the Pope stepped down. Ther... More

Google thinks “Joseph Ratzinger ” should be followed by “Nazi”

Hey Google: careful there, your despicable bias is showing: That’s a screen capture of what happens when you type “Joseph Ratzinger ” (the space after “Ratzinger” is intentional) into the Google search bar. You find out that he was a Nazi and a member of Hitler Youth, and that this eeeeeevil character has written a book on Jesus of Nazareth. I’m sure a few peop... More



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