Evangelicals and JPII Together

“The death of Pope John Paul II is a loss for humanity. He was the leader of the largest Christian church in the world and a moral leader. “John Paul II stood against the immorality of communism and ensured that the Church would remain a bulwark of moral truth. He stood for the sanctity of life in a time where the culture of death has made steady advance in western civilization. His leadership... More


John Paul II and the Response to Social Evil

Pope John Paul II knew a little bit about regimes of evil, and how to defeat them.  He lived under both Nazism and Soviet Communism, and his pontificate helped peacefully bring down the latter.  JPII’s sophisticated social teaching examines this problem of how Christians should respond to society-wide evil.  His writings offer us some bold and even surprising challenges to the way Catholi... More


Blessed John Paul II: Spiritual Grandfather to Millennial Catholics

I was born in 1985, almost eight years into the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. Like millions of young Catholics around the world, I grew up knowing only him as the pope and universal shepherd of the Church. In grade school I learned about popes who had preceded him, but if I wanted to see a pope, and when I heard about what a pope was doing and saying now, all of my experience was of Pope John ... More


Why Centesimus Annus Matters

At first blush, the 20th anniversary of the release of “Centesimus Annus” is akin to pulling out a tome that had lain on your bookshelf since you bought it back in the day. The book is dusty, it has gone unread for years, and you were only vaguely aware of its existence. Blessed John Paul II’s papal encyclical on the social order has — let’s face it — a whiff of irrelevance about it. T... More


John Paul did not condemn America, but called on her to live up to her ideals

Pope John Paul spent 11 days in 1987 visiting Miami, Columbia, New Orleans, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Francisco and DetroitThere is a reason why so many people love John Paul. It’s because he never scolded or condemned people. He loved them and he inspired them. But that doesn’t mean he watered down his message. John Paul’s approach reminds me naturally of the Greatest Teac... More


Dignity, Strength, and Love Through Suffering: A Sign of Contradiction

Unable to speak, John Paul II blesses us all one final time. I can’t shake the memories of seeing him at his apartment window, unable to speak. He had addressed his beloved flock so many thousands of times from that very window. One of the largest crowds ever had gathered outside, praying for him. But he was unable to utter even a few words of welcome. All he could do was raise an unsteady h... More

The Philosopher Pope

John Paul II was not only a more courageous leader, but also a much deeper thinker, than most of the figures with whom he shared the world stage during his time as pope.  He not only confronted the problems of his time boldly and forthrightly; he also strove to understand them in their ultimate origins.  This combination of daring and insight was nowhere more evident than in his famous critique ... More


Top 10 Moments of Blessed Pope John Paul II

Okay, full disclosure…The editors asked us to write nice, long pieces on Pope John Paul II.  That should be obvious when you look at all the awesome features gathered here. So, I got nervous and all my brain could come up with was, “uhhh…do a top ten list or something.”  I thought about pulling out my old philosophy notes and diving into Aquinas and personalism.  That lasted about 5 min... More




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