Keith Fimian, endorsed by CatholicVote, concedes in VA-11

He gave it a tough fight, but in the end, Keith Fimian came up just short of victory. Tuesday morning in northern Virginia, Keith Fimian will issue a statement confirming that he is conceding the race to Rep. Gerry Connolly, a freshman legislator representing the district that is home to many federal employees (which may explain why it’s hard for a Republican to win). Fimian lost by only 981... More


CatholicVote-endorsed Keith Fimian trails by 930 votes

We’re still watching and praying for Keith Fimian, CatholicVote-endorsed candidate for Congress in VA-11. The race remains one of only a handful that remain undecided. As of yesterday, Fimian trails Rep. Gerry Connolly by a mere 930 votes. Since the margin is less than 1%, Fimian may request a recount on Nov. 22. While the vote total separating this two candidates is razor-thin, the gulf bet... More


Rep.-Elect Sean Duffy, WI-7 The votes are in. And the Catholic vote was decisive. Republicans took control of the house in a massive sweep, while the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats by a slim margin. Early indications suggest the GOP won 53% of the Catholic vote with Democrats garnering 45% of Catholics, according to a CNN exit poll. After losing the Catholic vote by 10 points in 2008... More



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