The “Back Alley” never went away. So kill your conscience and go with it. Prude.

Left-over fetal material? Or the adorable feet of a beautiful baby? About a week ago I wrote about a “Reproductive Justice Advocate” who lamented that the biggest problem with our abortion laws is that late-term abortions are not accessible enough, and too many people—including pro-aborts—are too judgmental. She lamented that women who decide to have an abortion late in their pregn... More

Life and Nihilism: A Tableau of Recent Headlines

Let’s weave a tapestry of rather significant recent goings-on in life issues and see where it takes us… 1) An End-Run at Death Panels Loops Back. At the start of January the White House took end-of-life counseling out of new Medicare rules, after it was re-included, after it was explicitly removed from Obamacare. In and of itself end-of-life planning isn’t a bad thing, but when t... More



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