This Here Is a Prayer for Today

O Mother, strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in the laity, so that in every field of social, professional, cultural and political life they may act in accordance with the truth and the law brought by your Son to mankind, in order to lead everyone to eternal salvation and, at the same time, to make life on earth more human, more worthy of man. Thank you, Blessed John Paul II, praying ... More

Pope Benedict on What CatholicVote Is

Reading through Pope Benedict’s book-length interview Light of the World a couple weeks ago, one of the pope’s responses jumped off the page at me [underlining mine]: Interviewer: A “culture of doubt” is very much in these days, and it has found a comfortable nest even in media outlets associated with the Church. In many cases, editors simply take over uncritically the slogans c... More

How the laity can help the Church communicate

Who will be today’s Fulton Sheen? Who will be that nationally-recognized Catholic bishop who is able to explain the Catholic Church’s teachings to a wide audience? For years I kept wondering this, but maybe I was asking the wrong question. Our bishops are appointed by the Holy Father to lead us, to teach us, and to inspire us. The right person for that role isn’t necessarily perfect... More




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