Would you let your daughter have a drink with Bill Cosby in private?: A Response to Kathleen Parker on Ferguson, Cosby and Lawlessness

Kathleen Parker on Nov 25 wrote a column for the Washington Post entitled “From Bill Cosby to Ferguson, a reminder of our rule of law”.  In it she makes a comparison between belief in the accusations against Cosby and rejection of the Grand Jury findings by the rioters in Ferguson. She argues that those who have judged Bill Cosby as guilty of having raped many women because many women have co... More

Lawlessness. It’s what’s for re-election.

"Sire, the peasants are REVOLTING!" "You said it, they stink!" We have this principle in our country called the “rule of law.” It means that no matter who you are, the law applies to you. No one can simply set the law aside for personal gain. No one. This is a large reason America has flourished and from its outset was different from its European forbears: contracts... More



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