Um, LCWR, a “Futurist” may not have been the best choice.

National Catholic Register’s guest blogger Ann Carey reports that Most Reverend Robert Carlson, archbishop of St. Louis, a fine, fine bishop, gave a “warm welcome” to the sisters at the assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, encouraging them to figure out how to respond well to the doctrinal assessment handed down by the Vatican. And then this happened: In the ... More

They’re Running Scared

I recently heard from a source within the Department of Health and Human Services who indicated to me that people within the organization are “terrified” of what is going to happen. Not just with the mandate, which Catholics are combating eloquently in the Fortnight for Freedom. They’re afraid that the entire health care legislation will come tumbling down. If that happens, they... More

Pope Nicholas VI, LCWR, dying communities, and the hope that springs eternal

Would-be Pope Nicholas VI, Nick Kristof let us know that “we are all nuns,” and certain Church doctrines don’t matter if you do some charity work. His first three graphs are nearly stellar. CATHOLIC nuns are not the prissy traditionalists of caricature. No, nuns rock! They were the first feminists, earning Ph.D.’s or working as surgeons long before it was fashionable for women ... More



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