Taking note of those who create dissent

This may come as a shocker but, as a Catholic, I support traditional marriage. As a Catholic, I am also pro-life. And, as a Catholic, I find it deeply offensive that the President of the United States would use the coercive power of the federal government to force Catholic organizations to go against their moral teaching. Is Christ divided? St Paul once asked Caroline Kennedy feels differently... More

Why the HHS Ruling Will Become a Litmus Test for Pro-Obama Catholics

I wrote on the day of the Obama ruling forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs that I hope “liberal Catholics [will] acknowledge how foolish they have been to support Obama’s anti-Catholic policies.” That was probably too much to ask for, but now at least one liberal Catholic has said he cannot vote for Obama again: Michael S... More

Reader: Liberal Catholics denounce Obama’s mandate, How a Ron Paul win helps Romney, Is Santorum surging?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Michael Sean Winters is not a right-winger. Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter rails against the Obama administration for not providing a true religious exemption in their contraception mandate and also calls it bad politics. http://is.gd/WaNb1l Even Commonweal magazine published an ed... More

Why We Must Stop Liberal Catholics From Handing The Church Over To the State

I began writing about current Catholic news when I was still studying theology in graduate school. That means I approached the controversies of the day through an academic lens. One day in class I’d be looking at the Pelagian heresy and St. Augustine’s efforts to eradicate it, and later that day I’d be blogging about a controversy over a Catholic hospital performing sterilization... More

Occupy Vancouver Attempts to Invade Catholic Mass, As Catholic Left Tells Us Vatican Supports Them

I can’t believe I didn’t make this connection earlier. It took this story out of Canada to help me connect the dots: Organizers of the Occupy Vancouver movement almost took over the Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver on Sunday morning. Vancouver Police stopped the protesters from disrupting Mass at the Catholic church. A spokesman for the group, which renamed itself Occupy ... More

A Lenten Resolution for Liberal Catholics: Come Clean on President Obama

Lent is a time for self-reflection and amendment of one’s ways. It’s a time to ask ourselves, “What more can I do? What must I refrain from doing? What have I done wrong?” I have a sincere suggestion for liberal and progressive Catholics this Lent: Come clean on Obama. Life moves fast these days, and it’s easy forget even the recent past. But as recently as two-and-... More

Enforce the Law? Who, Me?

On Wednesday, as Thom reported, the Obama Administration declared that it was abdicating its duty (and President Obama’s campaign promises) to defend the federal law definition of marriage.  Last week, as “liberal” Commonweal  “Catholic” David Gibson gleefully reports, the Obama administration rescinded Bush administration regulations that did nothing but enforce fe... More

Weekend Question: Why is the Catholic Left Inactive on LiveAction?

I’ve been writing all week about LiveAction’s efforts to expose Planned Parenthood’s serial assaults on women. I was curious to find out what the progressive Catholic blogosphere had to say about this story – a story which has garnered national headlines. It turns out: nothing. They have nothing to say about it. U.S. Catholic was busy with stories which contained headlines ... More

The Kicanas Conundrum

On the whole, it has been a good couple of years for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Leading up to the election of President Obama, many bishops, on their own authority, issued letters to Catholics in their diocese, helping them to form a Catholic conscience when voting. After President Obama was invited to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame, over 80 bishops issued state... More

What is an “Orthodox” Catholic blog?

Rachel Zoll’s article for the Associated Press, “Catholic loyalists take to their blogs to defend teaching” has been widely republished over the past week, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, from MSNBC to Yahoo! news, normally under the new headline “Catholic bloggers aim to purge dissenters.” I am quoted several times in this article, and I’ve resp... More



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