Is a vote for the Democratic Party a vote for the dictatorship of relativism?

The United States is a nation where 73% of the population adheres to some form of Christianity. It is a nation that, according to its currency, trusts in God. And it is a nation that believes individuals are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. How, then, could such a country not have a God-fearing man as its president? Well, for the second time in less than a year, a Gallup... More

The Myth That Left-Wingers Are Pro-Science

The political Left is never shy about praising about its own virtues, and one of the qualities they love the most about themselves is their alleged commitment to science. It makes them feel drastically superior to the ignorant rubes that are too busy clinging to guns and religion to see true scientific progress. Al Gore is very comfortable preaching about his love for science, but his lifestyle de... More

And thus the problem with relying on governmental “charity.”

Rule of thumb: When you're to the left of Cardinal Mahony, you're too far to the left. A question without an answer is that question, “how much government intervention in caring for the less-fortunate is the right amount?” Catholic social teaching gives us a framework by which to evaluate whether the government is doing too much or not enough to help those in need, but the Cath... More

Losing faith in Bonnie Erbe {updated}

How much longer will young Catholics have to put up with aging, bitter liberals like Bonnie Erbe predicting the imminent demise of the Church? Bonnie writes for US News & World Report and hosts a show on PBS (so our tax-payer dollars are helping to pay her salary). Today she wrote a column for the Scripps Howard News Service entitled, “Losing faith in the Catholic Church’s directio... More

Words of wisdom from President Obama?

President Obama has opted to participate in the “It Gets Better” campaign, where high-level celebrities record short videos for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual teenagers telling them that whatever discrimination they face now, “it will get better”. What “universal principle” does the President employ to communicate his message of tolerance and acceptance? ... More



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