Dan McInerny and “High Concepts”

Well, I must admit, I’m generally attracted to good writing, whether I agree with the viewpoints expressed or not.  I also appreciate meeting fascinating persons and maintaining a friendship with such folks. In the case of Professor Daniel McInerny, one can have both excellent writing and high friendship. And, for better or worse (well, for Dan, at least), I also really agree with what he w... More

Professor Hingest and the Study of Man

Well, Professor Hingest isn’t real–at least not outside of the nuanced mind of C.S. Lewis. I’ve been rereading THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH, perhaps my favorite modern novel apart from Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS and Cather’s DEATH COMES FOR THE ARCHBISHOP. Though I never encountered Lewis as a thinker until taking Professor Kenneth Sayre’s course at the University of ... More


Meet the National Zoo’s newest lion cub … Aslan!

How fun is this?! From local DC blog DCist: Time to get jealous, people: Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes, who I’m informed are actors in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series of films, not only got to hang out with the National Zoo’s lion cubs — but they also got to name one of them. One of the 10-week old cubs will now be dubbed Aslan, after the eponymous lion in C.S.... More



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