Open the gates before him; lift up your voices!

How did we get this far into Advent without posting this old gem from “the pope of basic cable“?… Is he in a school classroom with the desks cleared away? Are those mom-khakis? Whatever the case, I love the frenzied, ridiculous look on his face at the beginning. Reminds me of so many too-happy cantors who love to perform or emote the music at Mass with their faces and arms from... More

Spiritually Flattening, Irritatingly Ambivalent, and Drool-inducing

I’m pretty sure that if the music that Pope Benedict was subjected to in Germany were a moral agent, Christ would spew it from his mouth at the last judgment. (This is the opening of the Berlin Papal Mass from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.) Seriously. At least most of the bad music we’ve had in the past 40 years had a definite direction, took a stand (if heretical), was offensively committed ... More



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