Attention: Early Registration Open for Frassati Event featuring me and Lila Rose!

I’m in the airport preparing for my flight to Rome for the Beatification Mass of Pope John Paul II and the Vatican blognic but didn’t want to miss this chance to alert my readers to an awesome event coming up in late July featuring yours truly and Lila Rose of Live Action … register today! Here are the rest of the details in the flyer: Frassati Conference Reg Form 2011(function()... More

CA Sen. Barbara Boxer Repeats Planned Parenthood Mammogram Falsehood

This week Live Action has been exposing the lie told by Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards that they provide mammograms to women. Senator Barbara Boxer (who has been pushing the abortion agenda in the U.S. Senate for 18 years and counting) has been repeating these false claims, according to the San Francisco Chronicle politics blog: California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is lambasting what she ... More

Video: Planned Parenthood supporters show their true colors

A mix of anger and stupidity on display at Planned Parenthood’s rally yesterday, as a local reporter interviews their supporters (jump to 2:59 in the video for the “best” part): Folks, this is what we are dealing with on the other side. If you live in PA, NY, RI or NH – come out for a pro-life rally! Meanwhile, over at the LiveAction blog, I’ve introduced a contest, ... More

Dueling Tours: First Photos of Pro-Life/Planned Parenthood Rally (+CatholicVote members sighting!)

As I wrote earlier today, Planned Parenthood has sent out their own “Big Pink Bus” to follow LiveAction/SBA’s pro-life bus tour around the country. Of course, us taxpayers are paying for the Planned Parenthood bus. (I’m calling it the “PeptoBus” – because what Planned Parenthood does should make us sick to our stomach!) Here are some of the first photos to... More

Video: Live Action’s #defundPP TV Ad

(#defundPP is the Twitter shorthand for “defund Planned Parenthood”): The central website for this effort is Lila Rose also published an op-ed in The Hill, which is widely read by lawmakers in DC: “Time to end the taxpayer subsidy of Planned Parenthood.” [Related – Brian Burch, President of, signed on to this coalition let... More

Neighbors don’t lie to each other. Or rape each others’ daughters. Neither did Live Action.

The Live Action folks deceived, yes, but it was not immoral and did not violate the pertinent sections of the Catechism (because the Catechism has a lacuna on the matter at hand). I think Dr. Kreeft’s final example—that of an incapacitated father lying to prevent his daughter being raped in front of him—deserves more consideration and fleshing out. If the father were not tied down, what ... More

Why Live Action did right and why we all should know that

The following article is a guest post from Dr. Peter Kreeft, a professor of philosophy at Boston College. When I talk about abortion, I often surprise most of my audience, even some prolifers, by saying that not only is abortion always evil but that it is not a “complex issue,” that deep down we all know that it is evil; that Mother Teresa is very clearly right when she says “If abortion isn... More


LiveAction, Lies & the Truth about Abortion

There has been a growing debate among Catholics about the morality of the means used by LiveAction to expose Planned Parenthood’s evil agenda, with good Catholics of unquestionable pro-life convictions, deep faith and valid reasoning falling on both sides of the debate. All of us agree that abortion is an intrinsic evil, that the cause of the unborn is the greatest civil rights issue of our ... More

Grace & a Rose

There’s been a lot of debate here and elsewhere about the morality of what Lila Rose and Live Action are doing (I was fond of Jody’s item). I don’t even pretend to be a philosopher on TV, so I’m not going to enter that fray. But I do want to say that Rose strikes me as someone who truly feels a call. Pray for her. I’m thanking God for the opportunities these videos are providing. May gra... More

The “Back Alley” never went away. So kill your conscience and go with it. Prude.

Left-over fetal material? Or the adorable feet of a beautiful baby? About a week ago I wrote about a “Reproductive Justice Advocate” who lamented that the biggest problem with our abortion laws is that late-term abortions are not accessible enough, and too many people—including pro-aborts—are too judgmental. She lamented that women who decide to have an abortion late in their pregn... More



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