Pope Benedict Calls For “Central World Bank” … Only He Didn’t. Here’s Why.

UPDATE 2: A Round-Up of Excellent Comments On The Justice & Peace White Paper UPDATE: See my follow-up comments published today: “Fact Check: Why Catholics Who Disagree With Justice & Peace White Papers Aren’t “Cafeteria Catholics.” You may have seen this story which was headlined earlier today on the Drudge Report: The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment... More

New on AmP: Archbishop Chaput to Pilgrims at WYD: Don’t Rely on Mainstream Media, Support Catholic Media Instead!

An excerpt from Archbishop Charles Chaput’s remarks given to young pilgrims in Madrid as part of a special World Youth Day Session (underlining my own): We make a very serious mistake if we rely on media like the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, or MSNBC for reliable news about religion. These news media simply don’t provide trustworthy information about religious faith—and sometimes they ... More

Friday Laughfest: Time Magazine Profiles Pope Benedict

An AmP reader sent along this Time Magazine profile of Pope Benedict with the disclaimer, “I realize that Time is no longer a journalistic enterprise…” No kidding. This stinks. In the “People Who Mattered” section, Kayla Webley [I’m sorry, but doesn’t this sound like a pseudonym?] writes about the Pope [my comments in brackets]: Highs: While the Pope rem... More



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