Bishop Tobin urges Rhode Island lawmakers to resist redefining marriage

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin is not afraid to speak out on behalf of truth. When President Obama expressed his support for same-sex marriage, Bishop Tobin said that it was a “sad day in American history.” When former Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy made public Bishop Tobin’s private request for him to forego Holy Communion because of his views on abortion, Bishop Tobin relea... More


You don’t need to believe in God to support traditional marriage

There’s been a lot of talk about same-sex marriage the past couple of days. And by all indications, it’s not about to slow down anytime soon. Fueled by recent victories in Maine, Maryland and Washington, liberal activists are pressuring lame duck legislatures in Illinois, Rhode Island and several other states to pass legislation that would recognize same-sex marriages. Though such efforts a... More


With friends like these…

A Catholic friend on facebook sympathetically links to this story about the dissenting homily given by Fr. Richard T. Lawrence, pastor of Baltimore’s St. Vincent de Paul church, after reading aloud a letter asking Catholics to vote against Maryland’s “Question 6,” the Civil Marriage Protection Act. The letter was from Fr. Lawrence’s own  Archbishop, William Lori, ... More


Catholics in Washington State Defend Traditional Marriage in The Seattle Times

If you live or have lived in Washington state, particularly the western side of the state, you know what’s it’s like. You’re warned that we are the least churched state in the nation (a positioning we may have recently lost), that unless you’re using NARAL talking points there’s no place for your voice in a state that voted to make abortion legal before Roe v. Wade, ... More


NFL player comes out in support of marriage in Minnesota

There’s some encouraging news coming out of the National Football League. And no, I’m not talking about the deal struck between the referees and the owners. I’m referring to the decision of Matt Birk – a six-time Pro Bowl selection, current center for the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFL’s 2012 Man of the Year – to speak out in support of an amendment that would define marriage in Minneso... More

Assisted suicide, three-parent families, and the future of America

In a recent interview with EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, was asked why he thinks a majority of Massachusetts residents are in favor of a ballot initiative that would legalize physician-assisted suicide in their state. His response? It’s about “autonomy.” Our culture, he argued, is infused with a “terrible individualism” that “makes people... More

The Gay Marriage Debate: Brought to you by Contraception

I’ve been reflecting on some of the comments on my most recent post. Again and again, gay marriage advocates come to the debate insisting that marriage is a fundamental civil right, which begs the question. This assumption would not be possible if certain logical fallacies did not already commonly exist. First, there is the false notion that marriage is a right. Marriage is not a right ̵... More


Washington woman marries corporation

Only in a world where marriage is understood as a legal construct, divorced from its procreative orientation, would a person attempt to marry a corporation. But that’s exactly what happened in the state of Washington the other day. Angela Vogel, a Seattle resident, decided to wed “Corporate Person” in a ceremony presided over by United Methodist Pastor Rich Lang. The event was reportedly a p... More


Researcher accused of scientific misconduct by gay rights activists

Professor Mark Regnerus University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus’ study on the social and mental-health of children raised in heterosexual households versus those raised in homosexual households has caused a lot of controversy since being published in the July issue of Social Science Research. So much so that according to Angela O’Brien of LifeSiteNews, he is being investigated by his emp... More




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