Does where we sit at mass say something about our faith?

Have you ever gone to mass and wanted to be somewhere else? Have you ever gone and loved every second of it? I have. And on both occasions I sat in two entirely different locations. When I was an undergraduate, I rarely attended mass. I was spiritually adrift and couldn’t bear the thought of listening to some guy pontificate about a mustard seed for a half hour. On the rare occasion that I di... More


Ready for Christmas?

A little animated movie called The Greatest Miracle prompted these thoughts on going to Bethlehem this week: We have a tremendous opportunity this week, as we enter into the glorious gift of the arrival of the Christ child, to truly prepare our hearts and cleanse our souls and celebrate the Greatest Miracle with a full surrender to its call. I keep hearing from readers and friends and strangers a... More


Just In Time for Winter: German Village Rebuilds Snow Church! [Photos]

Washington, DC is enjoying mild temperatures right now but that’s sure to end soon. Meanwhile, in Germany, villagers have snow on the mind: Hotels and bars made out of ice have been common for a while — now a church is the latest project to get the cold treatment. In the Bavarian Forest, one congregation wants to build a place of worship out of 1,400 cubic meters of snow, just as thei... More

Teen Video Cleverly Explains the New Translation of the Mass

This video does a decent — not perfect — job of explaining the new translation of the Mass into English: Word for Word [Edge] from Life Teen on Vimeo. Found at Msgr. Charles Pope’s blog for the Archdiocese of DC (ph/t: The Anchoress). There will be resistance to the new translation in places, especially because some liberal catholics are attempting to foment this hesitancy to ac... More


Watching Egypt in Gratitude

Christina Strain is a senior at my alma mater, the Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C. She is also a first generation American — her family fled pending death in Lebanon and then the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Last weekend she wrote about her gratitude that she can worship in peace: As I was walking to Church this morning, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am.  I... More

Happy National Eucharist Day

The common victim for our secular eucharist Thanksgiving: the most Catholic of the national holidays that don’t coincide with an actual Catholic holiday. The reason is simple: everyone wants to be Catholic, whether they realize it or not. Here we are celebrating the day when our nation “gives thanks” for all the stuff we’re thankful for. We know we’re giving thanks fo... More

It’s time to reset our Liturgical Clock

I’m proud to offer my full support to George Weigel’s recommendation that we reclaim the Church’s “Countercultural Time” as a way to promote universal holiness in America, specifically by reclaiming traditional feasts and solemnities as days Catholics are required to attend Mass: Let me suggest one specific, concrete way that Catholicism in America can begin to mount... More

Poll Results: New Translation of the Mass

Looks like AmP readers are strong supporters of the new translation of the Roman Missal into English, based on the results of last week’s poll. A majority (53%) are strong supporters, 37% are open to it, 5% want to learn more and about 4% are against it. Learn more about the new translation here on the USCCB website and by reading Louie Verrecchio’s series of articles on the CNA websi... More


Offbeat: Sunday Mass at 2:30AM?

This is from last week but seems appropriate to post after the weekend: Old-time Pittsburghers remember when a church in the city offered services in the early morning hours for employees who worked odd hours. One church is now bringing that tradition back with a 2:30 a.m. service. … The early-morning Mass tradition began in 1905 and was frequented by employees from seven daily newspapers... More



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