Obama’s Medicare Myopia Threatens Fiscal Future

By all accounts, the budget talks between President Obama and House Speaker Boehner have stalled, and one reason is a failure to come to some reasonable agreement on spending cuts. Richard Durbin, a left-wing senator from Illinois was told he had assurances from the White House that they would not agree to raising the Medicare age from 65 to 67. This intransience on the part of the Administration ... More

How The Left Continues To Hijack The True Democratic Party

The shamelessness of the modern Left trying to piggyback on the great achievements of their Democratic Party forebears c continues unabated today. Eugene Robinson, a columnist for The Washington Post pushed the myth that today’s Left is somehow intrinsically connected to the legitimate progressives who made Medicare a reality in 1965. Robinson is offended by the idea that the Republican ticket w... More

The Wealthy Voters The Left Won’t Talk About

The debate over how to cut the costs of federal spending continues to roll along at a fever pitch in this year’s presidential debate. The plans for any of the candidates cost money, whether you want to implement ObamaCare or if you want to pay the up-front costs of Paul Ryan’s Social Security and Medicare reforms and move those systems into the 21st century. In light of all this, is it really ... More

Why Medicaid Must Be Run By The States

The selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan appears to have energized the Republican ticket politically and, as Mitt Romney had hoped, turned Wisconsin from a lean-Obama state, to a genuine toss-up. Whether the Romney-Ryan ticket retains this momentum and builds on it other states will depend in large part how the GOP handles questions regarding Ryan’s Medicare proposals. Structural change... More



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