Pelosi’s Medicare Tactics Already Crashed And Burned

On the final Sunday of the election season, the presidential race is up for grabs. The Senate is up for grabs. But one governing body is not up for grabs and that’s the House of Representatives. While it’s possible the Democrats may gain seats, not even their own political spinmeisters are selling the idea that they’ll make up the 25 they’d need to re-take control. According to a report in... More

Why All The Animosity Toward Voucher Programs?

The word “voucher” has become a dirty word with the political Left in this country and their PR campaign has succeeded in giving it a negative connotation with a large swath of swing voters. Whether its education or Medicare, all one needs to do is accuse someone of wanting to “voucherize” the system—the word chosen by President Obama in his convention speech at Charlotte, and one gains ... More

How The Left Continues To Hijack The True Democratic Party

The shamelessness of the modern Left trying to piggyback on the great achievements of their Democratic Party forebears c continues unabated today. Eugene Robinson, a columnist for The Washington Post pushed the myth that today’s Left is somehow intrinsically connected to the legitimate progressives who made Medicare a reality in 1965. Robinson is offended by the idea that the Republican ticket w... More



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