Jesus wouldn’t cut a single program. of course, He didn’t call for them either.

The Good Samaritan: Example of Charity? Or Early Medicare Provider? In the wake of the much-ballyhooed correspondence between Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Congressional Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, a group called “Catholics United” issued a press release titled, “Catholics Ask Archbishop Dolan: What Anti-Poverty Programs Would Jesus Cut?” The archbishop, if he were ... More

Theologian once disciplined by Archbishop Dolan now claims it is Dolan who ‘betrays Catholic teaching’

Prof. Dan Maguire Hollywood and the media would have you believe that Catholic bishops routinely discipline Catholic professors ‘who get out of line.’ But in fact, it is extremely rare for a bishop to discipline any dissident theologian. Yet, in 2006, Archbishop Dolan (then of Milwaukee) corrected Dan Maguire for claiming that Catholics could support abortion and marriage between coupl... More

After Dems win special election in NY, Washington all abuzz over Medicare reform

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Rep-Elect Kathy Hochul, D-NY The House seat in New York’s 26th District is a historically Republican-held seat. Not only was the seat held by well-known Republican, and ’96 vice-presidential nominee, Jack Kemp, but it was also the seat of Barry Goldwater‘s running mate in 1964, William Mil... More



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