William and Kate and John Paul II, Too!!

Wednesday night in Oxford, England, Leonie Caldecott watched her play, The Quality of Mercy, debut on stage (all while working the sound!), as part of England’s sharing in Pope John Paul II’s beatification celebration. Yes, they found some oxygen there for something other than the royal nuptials! Caldecott’s play finds young Brits in Rome in 2005, as Pope John Paul II is nearing the end of h... More

On Chocolate Hearts & Charlie Sheen

My friend Fr. Raymond de Souza in Toronto writes in the National Post there: I rather doubt Pope Benedict XVI follows [Charlie] Sheen, but the actor may recognize himself in what Benedict had to say in his latest book, Light of the World. Commenting on the terrible scourge of drugs and the sex trade, he said: “You see, man strives for eternal joy; he would like pleasure in the extreme, would lik... More



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