Mississippi might soon be abortion clinic-free.

There is only one abortion clinic in Mississippi, and that one may be about to shut down. According to an article at Mother Jones the law recently passed by Mississippi requiring doctors at abortion clinics to have official admitting privileges at a local hospital has proven to be just too-high a hurdle to overcome. They didn’t outlaw abortion, they just recognize that abortion has a not-ins... More


Reader: School choice is a social justice issue, Austin backs off pregnancy centers, Candidates make gaffes

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Bishop Joseph P. McFadden of Harrisburg, PA: “School choice is a social justice issue.” http://cvote.to/88 Austin, Texas suspends law attacking pregnancy centers.  http://cvote.to/89 New national CBS poll has Cain 18, Romney 15, Gingrich 15; Cain losing support of women. PDF. http://cvote.to/8A But a M... More

The Lesson of the Mississippi Setback

I’ve been watching pro-abortion pundits and organizations celebrate the defeat of the Mississippi Personhood Amendment. I think we can glean from the energy they are putting into celebrating this “victory” for them today how much they have been starving for “good news” to talk about. After all, it’s been a particularly brutal couple years for the pro-abortion si... More

FoxNews Uses Misleading, Anti-Science Headline Comparing Persons to Eggs

FoxNews typically does a better job than most mainstream media of portraying the abortion issue in a “fair and balanced” way. But not this time. FoxNews originally ran a story earlier today about the Mississippi Personhood Amendment with the headline: “Push to Declare a Human Egg a ‘Person’ Offers New Tack on Abortion Debate” FoxNews later changed the headline a... More

Action Alert: Support the Mississippi Personhood Amendment on Nov. 8th!

I’ve written before (at LiveAction’s blog) on the importance of passing Mississippi Amendment 26, the “Personhood Amendment.” You can find more info on this pro-life amendment at www.YesOn26.Net I can’t underscore how potentially important this could be for the future of the pro-life movement, with a few caveats that Michael New helpfully explains. But bottom line: t... More



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