Reader: Jesus not ‘religious enough’ for Obamacare exemption, ND slams HHS mandate, military chaplains & SSM

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Call it the Quote of the Month. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo took issue with the phony religious exemption offered by the Obama administration in their recent abortifacient/contraception mandate. The “religious employer exemption” is “so extremely narrow that it protects almost no one,” said Cardinal Dani... More

Mitch Daniels is NOT running for President in 2012

From the Indy Star, comes a statement from Mitch Daniels last night: Over the last year and a half, a large and diverse group of people have suggested to me an idea that I never otherwise would have considered, that I run for President. I’ve asked for time to think it over carefully, but these good people have been very patient and I owe them an answer. The answer is that I will not be a candida... More


Great argument to cut off government funding: Indiana Planned Parenthood sees flood of donations after defunding

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (and possible presidential candidate) recently signed a bill that removed all state aid to Planned Parenthood. So what happened? The Huffington Post headline says it all: “Indiana Planned Parenthood Sees Flood Of Donations After Defunding.” “It’s astonishing,” [... More

Daniels Continues to Intrigue

Mitch Daniels has royally peeved a whole lot of social conservatives by calling, at different times and in different ways, for a “truce” between liberals and conservatives on social issues so that we can do the hard work of getting our fiscal house in order. His logic isn’t totally without merit: if the country implodes under the weight of its own debt it doesn’t matter muc... More

Breaking: Gov. Mitch Daniels DEFUNDS Planned Parenthood in Indiana!

A milestone for the cause of life: Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana has signed a bill to revoke taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The bill makes the Hoosier state the first to go as far as it has in shutting down funding. Daniels signed the bill Thursday along with 79 other bills and the abortion business has already responded by saying it has filed a temporary r... More


In Iowa, Santorum ‘jabs’ Daniels over truce

The Obama administration’s decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court proves that a “truce” on social issues is impossible, said potential 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum. “I think it shows there are some people who are willing to stand up and fight for the family and others who would rather, to use the comment of one potential candidate, call a... More

Mitch in 2012? Jeb thinks so. But what about that “Truce”? I’m optimistic.

The Catholic former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, who would be a serious GOP presidential contender in 2012 if he had any other last name, told a group of businessmen that Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is the best candidate presently in the (preliminary) running for the GOP nomination. I must admit, I’m terribly bummed that Jeb is Dubya’s brother; I think he’d be a much bett... More

Governor “Truce” talks up a presidential run

Well, it seems that Republican insiders are flying to Indianapolis to see if Gov. Mitch Daniels wants to give a presidential run a try. It’s not quite the coronation kiss-the-ring that sent scores of GOP insiders to Austin, Texas, in 1999, to be sure. But it is significant that Republican establishment folks think they need a backup plan in case Romney (who I can’t stand) can’t c... More

Two Views of Mitch Daniels and the Social Truce

From the Chicago Daily Observer From Tom Roeser Up to now, I’ve been lavish in my praise for Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels for four reasons: : (a) excellent experience as a federal budget director where he became known as Mitch the Blade for cutting fat—and taking maximum heat from the Congress for his courage in cutting…(b) as Indiana governor for transforming the state from deficit to surplus... More




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