Catholics For Romney Coalition Announced

Romney for President announced yesterday the Catholics for Romney Coalition. While there has been a loosely organized effort to engage Catholics in the campaign, yesterday’s announcement makes things “official.” The Romney/Ryan campaign released a statement announcing the coalition and explaining why Catholics are important in this election: “I am honored to have the support of... More

Is The Television Age Another Incumbent On The Spot?

Since 1960 the more telegenic candidate has won every election, a string that could be broken in 2012. Both political conventions are in the books and after the events of Tampa last week and Charlotte this week, we’ll start to know how the American public is going to respond to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. As we stand right now, this has a chance to be a historic election,  a... More

5 takeaways from the Republican National Convention

Clint Eastwood at the GOP Convention For a convention that might be remembered more for an 82-year-old man’s decision to talk to an empty chair, the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) did a pretty good job of humanizing Mitt Romney. While most pundits have focused on the merits of Governor Romney’s speech, there are at least five other important takeaways from this year̵... More

Electoral College Math: Why The Election Is Romney’s To Lose

If the presidential election were held today, all the polls indicate that President Obama would win re-election, albeit not by much. But of course the election isn’t being held today and there are 11 states classified as “toss-ups” on the Electoral College Map. And even if you concede the president 221 electoral votes in the other 39, that still leaves 49 electoral votes to go. And the road ... More



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