Thoughts on VP-nom Paul Ryan, Catholic family man, Budgetmaster

I didn’t want Mitt Romney to choose Paul Ryan because I thought Ryan should stay in the House to continue heading up the Budget Committee. That said, this is a bold and serious selection, and I like it. Some thoughts, in no particular order: 1) Ryan is a serious plans and actions man, and has already shown his mettle in a policy fight. From schooling Obama to his increasingly displeased face... More

Don’t Get Distracted about Dinner

That’s Archbishop Lori’s advice in response to criticism of Cardinal Dolan for inviting Barack Obama to the Alfred E. Smith dinner, in an interview with me. This is not an honorary forum — it is not Barack Obama delivering the commencement address at Notre Dame (which I have always been critical of), for instance, as I’ve heard it compared in recent days. It’s an oppo... More

Mitt Romney’s complex relationship with social conservatives

Although Thomas Peters thinks Mitt Romney understands what Catholics are going through (and in all honesty he probably does) you wouldn’t know it based on his actions. Sure, Romney’s latest video portrays himself as a culture warrior, but the fact is that he’s done little to ally himself with the Republican Party’s socially-conservative base. When asked at a press conference last week abo... More


Romney’s Polish Problem Is An American Problem

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney had an overseas trip that, from a political standpoint, was less than a smashing success. Romney caught heat in London for comments about the city’s preparedness to host the Olympics, he caught heat from the Palestinians regarding remarks about how cultural differences explain the superiority of the Israeli economy. And he even caught heat in Poland... More

Mitt Romney Converts to Catholicism

Okay, not exactly. But he did say that he feels as if he is Catholic during a campaign stop on Wednesday. He said we all are. In case you have not already seen the video, Romney said in Ohio: Religious liberty — our first freedom of those enumerated in the Bill of Rights. And the president and his administration said they are going to usurp your religious freedom by demanding that you prov... More

Romney won’t call it a tax!? No worries. He doesn’t have to.

I'm not going to call it a tax. Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent. Perhaps I’m an optimist. Perhaps I’m optimistically cynical. Cynically optimistic? But isn’t that sort of thing required in politics? I join Jonah Goldberg and others who are miffed at Mitt Romney’s insistence on calling Obamacare a “penalty” rather than a “tax,” thus seemi... More

Let’s talk about real issues

The Washington Post ran a story last week in which former classmates of Mitt Romney say he made fun of a kid for having bleached blond hair that covered his eyes. So Romney allegedly got a few guys, grabbed a scissors, forced the student to the floor and chopped a bunch of his hair off. If true, it sounds like Mitt Romney was a jerk in high school. Bullying of this kind is cruel. Romney said he d... More


The incoherence of Joe Biden on Obama foreign policy.

Our veep. Updated: I removed a mis-placed reference to Libya pending more information and augmented my critique of Obama’s handling of the killing of Osama. —————- I know, I know: it’s not a fair fight, really. Charity almost compels me not to write something that puts “incoherence” and “Joe Biden” in the same sentence. Almost, but... More

Obama & the Catholics

He’s taking a hit. According to the latest Pew poll, the president is down eight percentage points with Catholics. As he should be. Among other things, the HHS Mandate affects the Catholic business owner, as much as a cardinal with charge of a chancery building or a religious sister working at a Catholic school. (A point the bishops have been clarifying in point out.) According to the poll, Mi... More

Mitt Romney on the Second Anniversary of Obamacare, HHS Mandate

In an interview with NRO’s Bob Costa this week, the former governor of Massachusetts said: “I believe the bill is unconstitutional, in addition to being wrongheaded. My own view is that if the Supreme Court does not [overturn the law], then we will be required to take that action if I’m president.” Romney recognizes that health care will be a major issue in the fall campaign, and t... More



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