Neighbors don’t lie to each other. Or rape each others’ daughters. Neither did Live Action.

The Live Action folks deceived, yes, but it was not immoral and did not violate the pertinent sections of the Catechism (because the Catechism has a lacuna on the matter at hand). I think Dr. Kreeft’s final example—that of an incapacitated father lying to prevent his daughter being raped in front of him—deserves more consideration and fleshing out. If the father were not tied down, what ... More

What's been consuming so very much of my time lately?

Three weeks ago the topic for my Master’s thesis was approved, and I have since been very occupied with research and writing. It is due mid-March, and I’ll be defending by early April. Prayers would, of course, be greatly appreciated. And no worries, I will still be blogging as my “intellectual playtime” (in that I consider blogging intellectual and also great, great fun). ... More



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