Nike ad channels JPII: Be great. Just Do It!

Compare: “Don’t ever settle for anything less than the spiritual and moral greatness the grace of God makes possible in your life. You’ll fail; we all do. But that’s no reason to lower the bar of expectation. Get up, dust yourself off, seek forgiveness and reconciliation, and then keep trying. But don’t ever settle for being less than noble human being – the leader and exemplar ‐... More

A Real Scar & War

Some images should make an indelible mark. Don’t click on this link unless you’re prepared to keep this image with you. The photo is of Feng Jianmei and her dead child. She was reportedly taken from her home by government officials while her husband was at work and after they refused to pay fines, their child was killed on June 3. At a ceremony today in Washington at the Victims of Communis... More

On Chris Hitchens and Goodness and Light

I was shaken by the news of the death of Christopher Hitchens. I felt bad. Like so many, believers and non-believers alike, I was rooting for him. And like so many believers, I was hoping for a deathbed conversion. If Hitchens had such a final moment, only God knows. It’s a sign of the Christian charity of his opponents that I’ve read no articles lambasting Hitchens or hoping he is in Hell... More

101 Today

That is how old Mother Teresa of Calcutta — Blessed Teresa — would be today if she were alive. On the anniversary of her death, events this week make her speech at the National Prayer Breakfast all too essential to reread. Moral courage and clarity in the face of great evil. Before Bill and Hillary Clinton and everyone, she said: I can never forget the experience I had in visiting a h... More

Help solve the KLM-Mother Teresa mystery! {update – mystery solved!}

AmP reader Nan submitted the picture below, and explains where it was taken as well: When I went to Russia, we changed planes in Amsterdam. The Mother Teresa plane was outside while we waited to board the Russian plane. KLM must not be against religion and how perfect is it that the plane matches the Missionaries of Charity’s saris? Maybe she flew KLM? I was able to find YouTube footage o... More



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