The Catholic League: Making The Latest Mommy War Worse

By now most people have heard about Hilary Rosen’s terrible choice of words in reference to Ann Romney on CNN Wednesday night. Rosen is a White House adviser and a PR consultant which makes her choice of words all the more impactful. If you didn’t, here’s the clip. CNN has a complete transcript here. When discussing Romney’s campaign and how/whether it’s reaching women, Rosen said, Wha... More


The Heart of the Lie

What is the Obama Administration’s “Free Contraception for All” mandate really about? It’s not, as so many others have ably pointed out, about women’s health. Contraception has long been free (or almost free) for the asking to all comers, and you could fill an insurance adjuster’s logbook for a month dealing with all the other far more essential procedures and drugs for which women are... More

Immoral Law Begets Immoral Act

Carol M. Swain is a law professor at Vanderbilt University who has been on a bit of a dramatic journey of the sorts not typically welcome in academic circles — unless, perhaps, you are at the likes of a Benedictine College. In chatting with her about a book she has out on the tea party and constitutional principles, we discussed her abortion, which she discussed in the book: LOPEZ: Why do y... More



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