Blessed Is the Tiger Blooded, for He Shall be on Today Today and Tomorrow

As Charlie Sheen nears his millionth follower on his newly opened Twitter account, this is worth a read: While covering the Sermon on the Mount, I had students read the Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew and then create a list of “Modern Beatitudes.” I told students to imagine the perspective of, for example, the head of MTV or the publisher of a popular magazine. From that perspect... More

Monday roundup of interesting links

Sadly, I am elsewhere occupied until the evening. In the meantime, however, here’s the topics I would blog about at length simply linked: CNS: Pope OKs stricter norms for mandatory feast days in church calendar Against the Grain has excerpts from John Allen’s Brazil coverage Dom has a thorough analysis of Pope Benedict’s address to Brazilian bishops Most the texts from the Pope&... More

USA Today: "Got a Catholic question? Boy, 7, has the answers"

The Religion News Service had a fun and impressive story recently regarding a child prodigy in things Catholic. While I think the reporter isn’t very used to the high standards of proficiency in their knowledge of the faith that young Catholic children are able to sometimes attain, it’s still well worth the read. Gee, I hope he doesn’t start a blog – yikes! ...READ MORE... More

Benedict to Brazil: Monday news links

Monday news links of-interest to those following the Pope’s trip to Brazil: New York Times: As Pope Heads to Brazil, a Rival Theology Persists DPA: Pope Benedict XVI to make pro-life speeches in Brazil CWNews: Pope puts Brazil trip under Mary’s protection Reuters: Pope to face shaky Church future in Latin America CNS: Pope asks Catholics to pray for his visit to ‘continent of h... More

An extreme example of Limbo mischaracterization

The mind boggles. Simply boggles. Look at this Washington Post headline and its byline on the recent Limbo decision: Mercy trumps ‘theological hypothesis’ Panel rules that Catholics are free to reject church’s teachings on limbo Now, a little golden gem from the article’s body: While the church is often viewed as a top-down organization in which bishops tell ordinary Cath... More

Burke's determined approach

Via AMDG: The annual Glennon Sunday collection in parishes to benefit Cardinal Glennon Children�s Medical Center will continue, according to Archbishop Raymond L. Burke…[noting] that the Glennon Sunday collection, to be held the weekend of June 2 and 3, “will go directly to the medical center and not the foundation, as it had in the past.” …the archbishop again reiterate... More

Pro-Choice Missouri Senator disinvited to graduation, blames Abp. Burke

Abp. Burke is at it again … or is he? [The Associated Press:] ST. LOUIS — An invitation to Sen. Claire McCaskill to speak at her daughter’s graduation from a Roman Catholic high school was withdrawn because of her positions on abortion and stem cell research. Students at all-girls St. Joseph’s Academy in the St. Louis suburb of Frontenac wanted to have McCaskill speak at t... More

Sad news: Blue Angel pilot dies during airshow

This is very sad news. Growing up in California I was able to see the Blue Angels perform many times. They would practice their formations and routines over the backyard of one of my good friends. Of course it is very dangerous and (for that reason) impressive flying. We should pray that the pilot had a provided death. (CNN) — A jet flying in formation with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels precisi... More

Katie Holmes wants daughter Suri in Catholic school

Horribly, horribly tabloid of me, but here goes: Los Angeles (eCanadaNow) – Katie Holmes reportedly wants to enrol daughter Suri into “kiddie Catholicism” classes – even though husband Tom Cruise is a devout Scientologist. [that’s an odd use of “devout”, wouldn’t you say?] The actress who was raised a Catholic, gave up her religion and embraced the ... More



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