Pelosi: Pro-lifers want women to “die on the floor.”

And to think she was two heartbeats from the presidency not too long ago. I really wonder about this woman’s mental health Paul Kengor just posted a piece about Pelosi’s approval of the folks killing small business on Wall Street. That remark was a head scratcher, but I thought it was fairly typical of Pelosi. But today she dropped a whopper. Politics is the art of the possible. It... More

God bless them? Congresswoman Pelosi on the Wall Street Mob

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is a lifelong Roman Catholic who has been a huge disappointment to her Church on matters of unborn human life. That, of course, is well-established, from her relentless advocacy of “abortion rights” to even urging taxpayer funding of contraceptives as part of President Obama’s “stimulus” plan. I’ve personally written about those disappointments... More


Liberal Catholic academics send Boehner an uncharitable and deeply-flawed letter

A group of liberal Catholic academics, led by professors at Catholic University, have written a public letter to Catholic Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) calling for protection of social-welfare programs that they argue are mortally threatened by the current budget proposal. The lead signatory, Professor Stephen Schneck, invokes the Gospel mandate to help the poor—to ensure that “the ... More

Harry Reid voted for DC abortion ban TEN times

If the government shuts down on Saturday, military men and women will have to serve while not getting a paycheck. Families planning on spending spring break at one of our national parks will have their vacations ruined. It’s also possible that many government websites would be offline during a shutdown. And why? Just to ensure that taxpayers continue paying for abortions in the nation’... More

On the question of spending money to defend marriage, Pelosi gets religion

When I tweeted this story it generated a great deal of interest so I decided to bump it up to a full blog: Here is the NYT news story the above tweet points to: “Pelosi Questions Legal Cost on Marriage Law.” I really thought Pelosi had reached the point where she could no longer surprise me, but I was wrong. Pelosi’s complaint that defending DOMA will cost too much surprises me.... More

Pelosi calls for scorched-earth war against Bishops, Catholics, GOP, Pro-Life

I like Pelosi for this reason: she makes the fight we are in absolutely unambiguous. In a strategy call with pro-abort bloggers yesterday, she rallied her troops to oppose pro-life bills that have been introduced in the House of Representatives: Pelosi acknowledged that Dems could not stop Republicans from passing their anti-abortion agenda through the House. But she said it was crucial that p... More

Departing Speaker Pelosi Hyperventilates

Soon-to-be ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to run through all the superlatives in the dictionary before tomorrow’s national rebuke of her agenda, including this gem: “Nothing less is at stake than civilization as we know it today.” If that’s how she chooses to describe the end of one of the most reckless Congresses in history – particularly by the sta... More


Planned Parenthood’s Inspiring Vision: People = Government Cost

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, reminds us where the contraceptive mentality coupled with the nanny state gets you … equations like “less people = less government expense.” Actually, Richards thinks this argument will convince doubters: I think it’s important … to understand that unlike some other issues of cost, birth control is one of those issues... More

Nancy Pelosi: “My faith … does not pass through the heirarchy”

Catholyc Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, whose days in Congress are numbered, in an interview with Politics Daily published today (emphasis mine): [Pelosi’s] own pro-choice votes have caused her some agita as a Catholic who attends daily Mass, and whose staff has to locate a church for her wherever she travels. Given her clashes with the hierarchy of her church, has there ever been a mo... More



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