Hm. The pope and the ITC must read American Catholic blogs…

…because no sooner had a bunch of us taken the National Catholyc* Reporter to task for their ridiculous editorial in support of Womyn priests* and Mr. Roy Bourgeouis, but the pope, while addressing the International Theoligical Commission said the following: Today, however, it is particularly important to clarify the criteria used to distinguish the authentic sensus fidelium from its counter... More

NCR Inconsistency on Sensus Fidelium and the Cardinal Newman Society

Just yesterday morning the Editors at the National Catholic Reporter touted the importance of the sensus fidelium on the matter of women’s ordination. Today, one day later, they published a piece that pretty much ignores an application of what they called for because it is wielded by the Cardinal Newman Society and people faithful to the Church’s Magisterium and hierarchy. Yesterday, ... More

NCR Editors Scandalously Wrong on Women’s Ordination; Father simply uses his thumb.

Just to keep you smiling as you read what follows, I’ll start off with a couple short clips that pretty much encapsulate the problems. You can skip them, but they’re short and I think worth it: and Okay, smile firmly in place, the editors at the National Catholic Reporter issued this amazingly daft bit of theologizing. They are just madder than a cut snake and have some venom to spit... More

NRLC’s Doug Johnson smacks down NCReporter in Catholycs United press call

It’s bench-clearing time! Fake Catholyc group Catholics United hosted a conference call this morning about the SBA List hearing in Ohio. In their press release, they misstate in the first line that the Ohio commission ruled that SBA List made false claims in their billboards. In fact, in a narrow 2-1 ruling, the commission only found there is enough merit to the case to have a full hearing... More

NCReporter tries to attack me and CV … with *boomerang!* arguments

Michael Sean Winters is one of the smarter ideologues over at the National Catholic Reporter. Typically he’s smart enough to know he shouldn’t get into public debates with me, but on the issue of PA hospital closings and the involvement of Sr. Carol Keehan, he apparently believes he is on safe enough ground to go on the offensive. I think this is wonderful, because every time Winters w... More



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