Is President Obama Out To Destroy The Suburbs?

The Twin Cities area is attempting to implement the regionalism concept. Does President Obama want to destroy the suburbs? That’s the claim made by Stanley Kurtz in National Review, who says the president’s inherent sympathies for “regionalism” are designed to effectively wipe out suburban independence from the cities. I have mixed feelings on this topic, so let’s briefly run through th... More

Conrad Black: Catholicism, and the Oceans, Will Survive.

Conrad Black posted a column on three major events, or themes, of 2010. He looks at the media circus surrounding the truly despicable revelations of clerical sex abuse from the early part of the year, which was effectively countered by Pope Benedict’s pastoral visit to Britain, and then crowded out of the news cycle by the oil spill in fhte Gulf of Mexico. He says, in essence, these things s... More



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