Reader: Romney & Perry spar before debate, 3 Dems blast IL redistricting, Pope addresses German Parliament

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry scrapped just hours before the GOP debate in Orlando tonight on Fox News at 9 pm ET. Picking up on the concern that Perry might have a tough time winning suburban voters, Tim Pawlenty wrote an op-ed for Politico with the not-so-subtle title: “Romney is electable.” http://cvote.... More

Marriage, Law, Charity, and Brad’s Missed Left Turn.

About two weeks ago Brad Birzer wrote a nearly masterful article on the danger of the efforts to re-define marriage in our civil, or human, laws. “Nearly” masterful because after collecting and laying out some great quotes and dystopic visions from noted authors, and seemingly about to make a devastating case for the real dangers to society of redefining marriage he seemingly missed a ... More

Pope Benedict "lashes out" against laws that contradict Natural Law

The AFP starts us out: VATICAN CITY (AFP) – Pope Benedict reportedly lashed out against laws that he said threaten the family and social order, saying none “can overturn that of the Creator.” “No law made by man can overturn that of the Creator without dramatically affecting society in its very foundation,” said the pope, according to the I-Media news agency, which r... More



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