New Co-Adjutor of Minneapolis has ties to Detroit

Update Day 2: Amy links to the Northland Catholic blog, and Rocco has his coverage up now (including a beautiful picture of Neidstedt).Update: Via Jeff, a very informative post by Thomas A. Szyszkiewicz @ Epiphany. Also, the Associated Press has come out with its coverage, with some nice quotes from Bp. Nienstedt. Original post: Archbishop Harry Flynn is one year from retirement, and today Pope B... More


Two new bishops for Tuesday

“Safe!” A quick break from thesis work to serve up a few links for New Bishop Tuesday: Vatican Information Service release Associated Press: New Dallas Catholic bishop debuts Off the Record: Better Late than Never Dept. Dallas News: New bishop’s top priority: Get familiar with diocese Whispers: D-Day = May Day Happy Catholic: Let the Joyful News Be Spread … Closed Caf... More

New Bishop for Dallas to be announced tomorrow?

Rocco’s all a-buzzin’ about it, and has been since early last November. And when Rocco’s a-buzzin’, the secular prints begin churnin’ (especially when there’s already an ambient buzz to get things going). Finally, Tuesday is new bishop day in America, and tomorrow is a Tuesday…. So, all you “Dallasites”, (which include several of my good friend... More



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