Governor Cuomo’s anti-Catholic agenda

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo will likely run for President in 2016. His favorability ratings are at record highs, he’s led some of the most productive legislative sessions in New York state history and he can deliver an impressive speech – a not so unimportant skill in this day and age. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo At this point it’s impossible to tell if he’ll win, but ... More

Update: Victory for Marriage in New York!

As Josh mentioned, the special election that I’ve been following closely in New York’s 9th Congressional District (Brooklyn and Queens, NY) to replace disgraced Anthony Wiener took place yesterday and I’m happy to report that pro-life, pro-marriage Catholic candidate Bob Turner defeated pro-abort, pro-gay-marriage David Weprin by an astonishing 8%! For the first time since 1923 a... More

A Super Tuesday for Social Issues? [Updated]

Well, at least a mini Super Tuesday. The North Carolina Senate just voted to allow the people of that state to vote to define marriage as between one man and one woman in May 2012 by a vote of 30-16 (the N.C. House voted to pass the same bill by a margin of 75-42 yesterday). … that sound you aren’t hearing is the sound of the mainstream media ignoring the news. Meanwhile, the special e... More

A Funny Thing May Happen on the Way to the NY-9 Special Election Next Tuesday [Updated]

There’s a lot of interesting things happening politically right now but the story I’m focusing on involves an unlikely assortment of Democrats, Republicans, Orthodox Jews, Hispanics, Greeks, Turks, Koreans and oh — same-sex marriage. NY Assemblyman David Weprin is running for the seat recently vacated by disgraced Anthony Weiner (of “sexting” infamy). It should be an ... More

Another Catholic Governor Says Full-Steam-Ahead on Redefining Marriage

As New York’s new marriage law goes live Sunday, Maryland’s governor follows Andrew Cuomo’s lead. As the Baltimore Sun reports: Standing with House and Senate supporters, Gov. Martin O’Malley announced this afternoon that he will lead the charge for gay marriage in Maryland and put his name on a bill that allows same-sex couples to wed. “Marylanders of all walks of life want their childr... More

After Same-Sex Marriage

Archbishop Dolan has been getting grief from Left and Right for his leadership role in the same-sex marriage debate in New York. He does not need my defense, but since much of the criticism I hear from the Right strikes me as unfair, I make a plea for an end to that blame game here. And on the Archdiocese of New York website, the archbishop blogs: for us in the Church, not much changes.  We cont... More

Maureen Dowd, Andrew Cuomo, and the Public Death of Catholic Conscience

Woody Allen’s brilliant 1989 film Crimes & Misdemeanors is on my mind a great deal these days as I read the statements made by prominent Catholic liberals about their push for same-sex marriage. The movie is much on my mind because it tells the story of a man who commits a grave crime, but is miraculously spared being caught and punished for it. As the movie concludes, we realize the man... More

Catholics & the Marriage Vote in New York

From my interview with Robert P. George: LOPEZ: How significant is it that this governor is Catholic? GEORGE: Is he? There are many devout Protestants and even Jews and Muslims whose moral beliefs and practices are far more closely in line with Catholic teachings than Andrew Cuomo’s are. Andrew’s father’s views and policies gave scandal (as Catholics use that term) precisely because people t... More


Marriage in New York

Archbishop Dolan’s North Korea analogy has become a belated subject of debate over on my homebase. Some suggest he flubbed in using the analogy, in arguing for the truth, as he sees it (to echo wording here). Actually, I suspect it is because of his commitment to Truth that he did. And about the belated nature of that debate — it is analogous to the whole debate. I have been getting e-ma... More


On Feast of St. Thomas More, let’s call and pray for marriage in New York

The vote in NY on so-called “same-sex marriage” is hanging by a thread… The official state legislative session expired at midnight Monday night — but legislators (and Catholic governor Andrew Cuomo) are preparing to extend the session into overtime to vote on same-sex “marriage.” If legislative leaders cannot secure enough votes, they will NOT schedule a vote. I... More




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