Why does Obama do what he does? Because of Jesus. […stop laughing]

Man, if Dubya had said this—or rather, those times when he did—he’d be… well, pick [the past participle of] your preferred metaphorical violent torture, perhaps featured in the Bible and including death. Anyhow, turns out President Obama pushed for invasive financial regulatory reform and socialist health care reform, both of which have caused a bad economy to get worse, de... More

“A time for choosing.” So perfectly true, nearly 50 years later.

It’s a weekend. This is the fastest 27 minutes you will experience. Seriously: it flies by. If you have never watched/listened to Ronald Reagan’s 1964 GOP convention speech you absolutely must. If you have, do it again. Truly terrifying how much more accurate an assessment his speech is nearly 50 years later than it was even in its day. At that point, the most fearsome Socialist menace... More

The War on Religious Liberty, with “Catholics” Leading the Diabolical Attack.

The First Amendment as ratified in 1791: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Now I have a couple of theories about the way the Obama administration views this. Eit... More

“We Can’t Wait!” The audacity of meaningless phrases.

Frogs are smarter than us. They jump out of the slowly heating water. Wikimedia Commons; Photo by Carl D. Howe “Yes we can” has given way to “We can’t wait.” In 2008, “Yes we can” was the vapid, but eminently positive and motivated, mantra chanted by the adoring/hypnotized/self-deluded/seriously duped/legitimately socialist masses who flocked to Obama rall... More

I hate our news cycles.

Syrians are rising up against their dictator and being shot down. Shouldn't that elbow out at least a little of the wall-to-wall Herman Cain coverage? Did you know that Herman Cain is facing accusations of sexual harassment from back when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association? If you don’t, welcome back from that black hole. Ever since this broke I wasn’t entirely ... More

Bishops Raise Alarm: Catholic Freedoms Under Attack

Bishops are calling attention to new "Catholics Need Not Apply" signs. The Church is raising the alarm: Our religious liberty is under attack. Cardinal Francis George was prophetic in 2009 when he said the White House had taken “the first step in moving our country from democracy to despotism.” That was when President Obama broke the promise he made to Catholics at Notre Dame and mad... More

Hey Palestinians: Sure, Obama is POTUS, but still, you’re doing it wrong.

It may just be because with Obama in the White House the Palestinians recognize they have the best chance they’ll ever have to force their way into statehood, but the formal request for recognition of statehood today by Mahmoud Abbas at the U.N. was a really odd way of going about it. Especially since Hamas, which was elected to rule the Gaza Strip, wasted no time decrying Abbas’ actio... More

Hoffa, Biden follow the Obama playbook. Will he apologize?

As if on cue after saying some rather unintelligent things on Sunday, Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa wasted no time saying some unkind things on Monday about political opponents and invoking some of the most martial rhetoric we’ve had in this nascent presidential campaign season. He said them from the same podium Obama spoke from 20 minutes later. I’ll not quote them—we try to ... More

Libya: Obama Could Have Been Presidential. Instead, Pull the Plug.

Obama's Kosovo? Or Somalia? I’m with Brad on Obama and Libya. Except when I’m not. I would love to see Obama’s wings clipped. The czars, the health care takeover, the use of TARP funds to buy auto companies, the energy policy aimed to drag us back to the heady days of the 1970s (if not the 1570s), the “beer summit,” the bowing, the fecklessness, the arrogance (th... More

What about Lebanon, Mr. President?

In his State of the Union Address last night President Obama said: Recent events have shown us that what sets us apart must not just be our power – it must be the purpose behind it.  In South Sudan – with our assistance – the people were finally able to vote for independence after years of war. Thousands lined up before dawn. People danced in the streets. One man who lost four of his brothe... More



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