What happens when you try to offend no one? You offend everyone.

Consider: Row over women cancels Muslim-Christian clergy soccer match An argument over the participation of women in a football match between Muslim and Christian clergy in Norway has led to the cancellation of the “friendly” encounter. The BBC reports that Muslim Imams had refused to play against women because it went against their beliefs about close physical contact with the oppos... More

"Papist" in the news….

Completely for fun, let’s do a quick check of some news feeds to see how “papist” is being used in recent parlance: “Shakespeare was probably sent from Stratford Grammar School to Prescot by his father at a dangerous time for Catholic families like his own, in which the government of the day feared Papist plots and used spies to root out suspects.” – The Indepe... More


Only (especially?) in Michigan: Muskrat Meat on Fridays

Some of my fellow Michiganders are just plain wierd during Lent: RIVERVIEW, Mich. (CNS) — There’s an alternative to fish for some Michigan Catholics abstaining from meat on Fridays in Lent — muskrat. The custom of eating muskrat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays in Lent apparently goes back to the early 1800s, the time of Father Gabriel Richard, an early missionary in Michigan whose f... More


Video: NAC wins in Rome Seminarian Soccer

I guess I’m on a Seminarian bender this afternoon … Rocco has just linked to this embedded video of Seminarians from the Pontifical North American College (the “Nac”) playing the Urban College as part of the “Clericus Cup” (which apparently features occasional appearances from “superfan” Cardinal Bertone). Rocco has more. And here’s the vid: T... More


KFC offers new fish sandwich to Vatican for B16's blessing

Sometimes it’s truly odd what the keyword phrase “Pope Benedict” brings up in the daily wire of press photos: “This undated photo provided by KFC Public Relations shows the fried chicken chain’s Fish Snacker Sandwich. KFC has asked Pope Benedict XVI to bless the sandwich, a Lenten addition to the chain’s Snacker sandwich line. KFC sent the Pope a letter earlier ... More

Abp. Myers is writing … a sci-fi novel?!

Amy Welborn, who has recently finished a novel of her own, has noted this amazing little news tidbit: Archbishop Myers is co-writing a sci-fi novel! I just bet some people (*cough* – JIMMY AKIN – *cough* … and about a third of the St. Blogs community *cough*) are just going to be tickled pink. Hey, even I’m excited! And the name of this work-in-progres?? … yep, “... More



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