Ohio Needs SB 5. Support Issue 2.

Preface: Fiscal responsibility and sensible sharing of public costs are values eminently within Catholic social justice. So what I write here is entirely appropriate for a Catholic political site. –Tom Crowe Ohioans are on the verge of a momentous vote. Issue 2 on tomorrow’s ballot is a referendum on Senate Bill 5. A Yes vote upholds the law; a no sends officials back to the drawing b... More

Ohio Senate Marries Anti-“Union” Actions

The Ohio Senate recently passed Senate Bill 5. For the most part, SB 5 is similar to the law that has prompted such craziness in Wisconsin. It will severely curtail the ability of *public sector* unions to collectively bargain (note: it does not in any way affect *private sector* unions). But it turns out that the legislature also included some language to protect the institution of marriage. Libe... More

Private vs. Public. Not non-union vs. union.

[Update: I altered a paragraph at the bottom that flummoxed some people so grievously that they couldn’t find their way to addressing the actual point of the post.] My union friends. My friends-of-union friends. Those of you who do not wish to be my friend but who are upset about the what’s happening in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and now Ohio, regarding unions and collective bargaining... More

“If the heartbeat is detected, that child is protected.”

This one has the pro-abortion crowd worried. Left to right: Embryo and fetus at 3 weeks; 7 weeks; 15 weeks; and 22 weeks. Ohio pro-life activists, led by Janet Folger Porter, president of Faith2Action, are going to propose the “Heartbeat Bill.” If enacted, a child will have full protection of law as soon as a heartbeat can be detected. The assumed sponsor of the bill will be none other... More

Ohio moves to protect 700 babies per year.

Let’s pray this passes. A bill introduced in the Ohio legislature would ban late-term abortions and it has the support of Ohio Right to Life, though the pro-life group would like changes to it. Rep. Lorraine Fende of Willowick, a Democrat, is behind the measure, House Bill 7, that would ban abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy or past 20 weeks if the unborn child is determined “viable.”... More



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