Making Poverty More Expensive

Regressive taxation. That’s when the taxes the government levies disproportionately hit those with less money than those with more money. They sound like something only an out-of-touch, snooty, oligarchical, oppressive, “let-them-eat-cake” sort of government would do, no? Heh. If only. Taxes on gasoline are a prime example: everyone who pulls up to the pump pays the same amount o... More

POWER SHIFT: Transcending the planet as a species, leaving all sense behind.

C'mon, the smog in DC isn't *that* bad! [Update: If you agree with the people at Power Shift or are one of them, I encourage you to watch this video also, before you comment.] I’m not pointing and laughing at these people. Really, I’m not. The temptation is there, sure, but I’m not. I’m also not sharing this out of uncharity. If I were pointing and laughing at the... More



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