Does This Line of Argument Work with Someone?

Nancy Keenan scolds E. J. Dionne for not pandering enough to women in his column last week on the Department of Health and Human Services and some of our conscience hang-ups. (See George Weigel for a not-to-be-missed response to the same column, by the way.) The president of NARAL Pro-Choice America writes in a letter titled by the Washington Post “Bad Deal for Catholic Women”: Here... More

Nicholas Kristof Tramples Over Jesus

Any op-ed which begins “The National Catholic Reporter newspaper puts it best” is already on thin ice, and Nicholas Kristof loses little time in completely submerging his New York Times commentary about the case of Bp. Thomas Olmsted v.  St. Joseph’s Hospital in the worst sort of ignorant bias and hackneyed stereotypes. We’ve all heard Kristof’s storyline before: the... More

Bp. Olmsted’s invisible supporters

This is news from last week, but it is important we not forget the brave stand on principle that Bishop Thomas Olmsted has made, and how his detractors are seeking to tear him down. From my father canon lawyer Ed Peters’ blog: In their editorial announcing Sr. Carol Keehan as the National Catholic Reporter’s “Person of the Year”, the NCR editors make an astounding claim. It reads as fo... More


Must-See Video: Bishop Olmsted on where he gets his identity

My favorite part by far of Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s press conference was his answer to this question (I’m paraphrasing): “You’ve been called a lot of names, and received a lot of praise, from both sides of the blogosphere – how do you deal with that?” His response is, well, see for yourself: In other words, Bishop Olmsted is neither liberal nor conservative, n... More

In Phoenix, a bishop uses his staff (+4 updates)

Once again, I picked the wrong day to go on vacation. While driving to Michigan to spend Christmas break with family and friends, the announcement was made that Bishop Thomas Olmsted has indeed decided to revoke the Catholic status of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. This is the final fruit of a communications between Bishop Olmsted and representatives of the hospital whi... More

Breaking: +Olmsted ultimatum to CHW extended until next Tuesday

A communique from the Diocese of Phoenix: The Diocese of Phoenix has been in continuing conversation with Catholic Healthcare West about their Catholic identity and adherence to the teachings of the Church regarding their facilities within the Diocese of Phoenix. Late on Thursday, Dec. 16, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted was in receipt of further communication from Catholic Healthcare West officials. ... More

Update: CHW responds to our social campaign in support of +Olmsted

Catholic Healthcare West has responded to our social network campaign informing them that our community supports Bishop Olmsted’s right to demand they act like a Catholic hospital. On Twitter: And on Facebook: These responses came after dozens of you interacted with CHW on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, letting them know that their continued Catholic identity matters to you. Unfortun... More



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