A Real Scar & War

Some images should make an indelible mark. Don’t click on this link unless you’re prepared to keep this image with you. The photo is of Feng Jianmei and her dead child. She was reportedly taken from her home by government officials while her husband was at work and after they refused to pay fines, their child was killed on June 3. At a ceremony today in Washington at the Victims of Communis... More

China’s Daughters and Ours

On September 22 in Washington, D.C., pro-life/human-rights stalwart Chris Smith, Republican representative from New Jersey, chaired a hearing on China’s brutal one-child policy. During that hearing Chai Ling, president of All Girls Allowed, delivered jarring testimony about just how dehumanizing a culture of abortion is. Chai, former student leader in the Tiananmen Square democracy protests of 1... More

I Can See China from Iowa

Pia, when I was writing this, I was afraid our vice president might do something over in China to make it even timelier. But I was hoping I would be wrong! I feel safe in saying that Michigan Republican Thad McCotter, who is Catholic, will not be the next president of the United States, but after hearing him talk about China during the recent Ames Straw Poll, I am grateful for his candidacy. He sp... More

Save the Planet: Eliminate the People (Ladies first)

A couple of items came across my bow in the last week that present an interesting one-two punch. First came news that former vice president, and current high priest of Gaia, Al Gore, has advocated population control as a means to protect the planet. From the article: “One of the things we could do about it is to change the technologies, to put out less of this pollution, to stabilize the popul... More



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