The Coming Referendums For Organized Labor

If you believe that middle ground can be found on issues pertaining to organized labor, a series of voter referendums in Michigan present a considerable challenge. The most prominent is Proposition 2, a union-backed referendum that would constitutionally guarantee the right of government workers to collectively bargain, and also prevent the legislature from enacting so-called right-to-work laws on... More

The Primacy Of Catholic Social Doctrine

Labor Day is twelve days away and the Catholic bishops in the United States have weighed in with a document regarding the economy and condition of labor. Bishop Stephen Blaire authored the piece and he’s come under critique from fellow CV blogger Tim Shaughnessy. I disagree with Tim’s critique and believe it elevates conservative economic doctrine higher than Catholic social doctrine. My latte... More

Why Organized Labor Still Matters & What It Must Do

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please welcome guest blogger Dan Flaherty to the CV Blog. The failed effort in Wisconsin to recall Governor Scott Walker on Tuesday is being interpreted as a major defeat for organized labor. The pundits tell us that this is a clear sign of declining union influence, not just in Wisconsin, but nationwide. And not just among political independents and conservatives, but within... More



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