Dolan.? The times and his contributions suggest it.

The Holy Spirit will guide the conclave. Period. No doubt at all. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a peek at the signs of the times. I believe some of the signs point toward Cardinal Dolan. John White wrote about this earlier tonight, but there’s more to the chatter than he touched on. The notion of a pope from the United States would have been laughable when Benedict was elec... More

Benedict is leaving in God’s time. So who’s it gonna be? Prolly not Mahony, but outside that?

A quick note on Benedict’s departure: His departure is sad, but I am over the sadness and happy for him. If Peter Seewald’s report is true… ‘[Pope Benedict XVI’s] hearing had gone down, he was blind in the left eye, his body had grown thinner,’ Seewald wrote in German magazine Focus and Italian Corriere della Sera.” …then I do not begrudge him reti... More



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