Photo (& VIDEO!) of the “Holy Goalie”

I’ve written before that I think Bishop Thomas Paprocki is a rockstar. Here’s one of the reasons why: A charity hockey game with Bishop Thomas Paprocki will be played at 7 p.m. Monday at Nelson Center. The teams will be comprised of adult players from the Springfield area, and all proceeds from the game will go to Catholic Charities. Paprocki, known as the “Holy Goalie,’’ will a... More

Catholic Gov. to Sign IL Civil Unions Law

Lest anyone is tempted to think all is well politically in America, look no further than Illinois.  In a shameless rushed lame-duck maneuver, the Illinois legislature rammed through a new law approving so called “civil unions” yesterday.  Even worse, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Catholic, helped strong arm legislators into passing the bill, and now intends to sign it. Newly instal... More



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