Not Science Fiction: FDA Evaluating 3-Parent Embryo Creation

In James S.A. Corey’s 2011 sci-fi novel Leviathan Wakes, James Holden, one of the book’s two main characters, finds himself being questioned by Martian authorities about his non-traditional upbringing on Earth: “Your file says you were the only child of a family co-op,” Lopez said, acting as though they’d never stopped talking about Holden’s past. “Yes, five fathers, three m... More

Why we care about the Casey Anthony trial

In a scene eerily similar to those ugly Black Friday shopping stampedes, dozens of Floridians, including a wheelchair bound woman, made a mad dash to get tickets to the Casey Anthony murder trial.  Clearly, these kooky trial watchers are not alone in their fascination.  Every major network is devoting coveted time slots, and in some cases entire shows, to the play by play of the Caylee Anthony ... More



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