Theology Fail: Poster-Child for New Missal Resistance Says Priests Should Focus on “Changing Water into Wine”

This quote, taken from the Associated Press‘s coverage of the new translation of the Roman Missal roll-out, deserves to be immortalized before it is scrubbed from the news archives: Maribeth Lynch, 51, a publisher from the Milwaukee suburb of Elm Grove, said she was “distraught” over the changes and would refuse to “learn the damn prayers.” “It’s ridicul... More

Teen Video Cleverly Explains the New Translation of the Mass

This video does a decent — not perfect — job of explaining the new translation of the Mass into English: Word for Word [Edge] from Life Teen on Vimeo. Found at Msgr. Charles Pope’s blog for the Archdiocese of DC (ph/t: The Anchoress). There will be resistance to the new translation in places, especially because some liberal catholics are attempting to foment this hesitancy to ac... More


Chart: How Your Parish and Your Pastor Can Legally Lobby! (& still be tax-exempt)

The recent dust-up over a Minnesota Legislator’s office telling a Catholic priest he better watch out for his parish’s tax status if he intends to lobby for a marriage bill and this recent snotty op-ed by the editor of the Winona Daily News puts me in mind of something I’ve urgently wanted to write about for some time: The Church Can Lobby! For too long and too often Catholic la... More

“We are a Church on Fire!” Eucharistic Adoration transforms parish

From South Coast Today: A little church in a small town, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church was facing tough times. The congregation was dwindling, and Mass attendance was at an all-time low. The empty confessional was collecting dust, and donations were dismal. But then the unthinkable happened. Today, St. Francis Xavier is one of the most vibrant parishes in the diocese with standing-room only M... More


Catholic diocese begins 12-step program for people with same-sex attraction

Debates about homosexuality often include the claim that those who experience same-sex attraction are underserved in the community. What you almost never will see, however, is people noting that the homosexual agenda further marginalizes people who experience SSA but who wish to live chastely. The majority of individuals who experience SSA but choose to lead chaste lives do not seek public attenti... More


It’s time to reset our Liturgical Clock

I’m proud to offer my full support to George Weigel’s recommendation that we reclaim the Church’s “Countercultural Time” as a way to promote universal holiness in America, specifically by reclaiming traditional feasts and solemnities as days Catholics are required to attend Mass: Let me suggest one specific, concrete way that Catholicism in America can begin to mount... More

Poll Results: New Translation of the Mass

Looks like AmP readers are strong supporters of the new translation of the Roman Missal into English, based on the results of last week’s poll. A majority (53%) are strong supporters, 37% are open to it, 5% want to learn more and about 4% are against it. Learn more about the new translation here on the USCCB website and by reading Louie Verrecchio’s series of articles on the CNA websi... More


Poll: The New Translation of the Mass

The translations they are a-changing! Louie Verrechio is publishing a multi-part series of articles explaining the new translation of the Roman Missal into English over at the Catholic News Agency. I’m curious to find out – right now, based on what you know – what do you think about the new translation? What do you think about the new translation of the Roman Missal?Market Res... More

Georgia parish says: “Flip this NY Church!”

Catholic News Agency with this inspirational Monday-morning tale: A thriving parish in Georgia is relocating an entire historic church over 900 miles south from Buffalo, New York, rather than construct a new building for their community. With over 750 families and counting, Mary Our Queen in Norcross, Georgia recently outgrew its current building and is in dire need of additional facilities. On ... More

Brilliant: Parishioners use cell phone technology to update parish registry

Did you go to Mass today? If you are a Catholic in good standing, you should have! Second question – is your parish behind the times, when it comes to technology? I’m guessing for 99% of you, that answer is also in the affirmative. Marcel at Aggie Catholics, however, has a brilliant solution which he explains on his blog for how his parish is utilizing current technology to update reg... More



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